What I do.

With now 6 years of experience, I can say I had the opportunity to work on different kind of projects and then improve my skills and develop my knowledge. I've learned the basics of the print, the standards of the web and I continue to learn how to design for mobile. I'd be happy to discuss with you if you have any question about my experience (Resume on request).

Webdesign / UI / UX

Websites, User interfaces, User Experience, Mobile design

I love to make simple, effective and user-friendly websites and interfaces. Mobile first is the new big thing, I can design for all kind of devices (responsive design).


Logos, Identity, Print

Whether it is for your company, a product or a website, your brand needs a strong identity. Branding is not just a logo, it's a feeling you want to communicate. We'll work together to define a visual approach and create a unique & consistent visual identity.

Art Direction


My aim is to solve your problems in terms of design. I'll help you to deliver visually the right message, and create a better experience for your audience.